Bryanna is a great beautiful person and will always stick by her friends. She is always crowed by her boyfriend and her trusted friends. She hates mondays. She is shy around her crush but is not afraid to share her opinion around anyone else. She tends to yell a lot and loves frozen yogurt, so guys make sure to take her to peach wave and if u don’t have a Bryanna, get urself one!!!
Lord I’m telling u get urself a Bryanna!
by Orochi March 25, 2019
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Bryanna is an the type of girl who is shy around her crush but is not afraid to share her opinion oaround he friends. She tends to yell a lot and can be pessimistic at time but will always put a smile on her face. Single as a Pringle but she don’t mind. Bryanna is the type of girl who you’d like ant to keep around on your darkest days. If you have a Bryanna I’m telling you - becausemy names bryanna- don’t let her go!
Guy one: hey dude do U see Bryanna over there?

Guy two: ya she’s so damn cute
by Orochi March 25, 2019
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Bryanna is really nice! She loves kittens and gets sad easily... She has to have short brown hair to be pretty😍 Bryanna is a sweet girl
by Puggy_lifetime21 January 28, 2017
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Bryanna is the best friend you could ever ask for. She is kind, considerate and amazing. She helps you get through really tough times and is always there when your sad. No matter what fight you get into she still loves you and you will work it out.
Thank you Bryanna for being my best friend. 💖
by Unkn0wnHuman October 29, 2019
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the bryanna ik is one of the sweetest people ik, idk what i would do with out her. she is really god damn smart like a genius. she is really kind and a person that is easy to love due to the fact how she cares a lot for others even though she has been through a lot. she is someone who means the world to me and it brightens up my whole day just to see her happy. She is someone you can trust and someone who deserves everything. She has an amazing personality and can be a big meanie. you are lucky to have her in your life because meeting someone like her is extremely rare because no one can own up to what she has down and that’s why so many people love her. But honestly i’m so happy to have her in my life she has impacted it more than she believes and i’m grateful for who is she. Also She is a major boy magnet and denies it, also a really social person. If you see her sad it makes you want to do everything in your power for her and if you make her sad fight me>:(
by bryanna has big pp April 18, 2020
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A girl that will make you pee your pants for how funny she is. However she isn't just funny, she beautiful, loves to write, and forgets about her friends. Her and her long as hair will make you love her even more.

A beautiful, funny, fun, outspoken, and adventurous girl. She is a party girl. She is a very fun and lovable girl. She forgets about the people she loves. If tested she can be a real bitch. She is always on fleek and always makes thing work. She doesn't chase after boys and if she is single doesnt care but is is a loyal girl. She is totally honest so if you ask her for her real opinion expect a little hard break. Female hate her because she speaks the truthand is a friend who forgets her real friends and will fight anybody who wants to fight her. She doesn't let anything in her way. She isnt nice to her friends and once she has alot of friends she forgets about her first friends she has no respect for adults and needs to start stop forgeting her friends cause soon no one will want to be her friend and no one will want her - Victor
Boy-Is that bryanna
Friend- Yeah but dont get to hooked she'll forget u in a heartbeat
by Victor Boucher June 13, 2018
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