One who protects his Brother from the world, and other people.

The Big Brother or the family.

The one who people question when his brother(s) mess up.
Guy: Where is that little bro of yours.

Big Bro: Why

Guy: He needs to explain why he was short on his money.

Big Bro: Ill answer for him.

Guy: Who he hell are you?

Big Bro: My Brothers Keeper.
by Brothers Keeper ninja January 31, 2010
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To be the protector and overseer of a breathens safety as well as security’s an also sometimes even include health.
My brothers in arms are solid mercs, as they are true to a brothers keeper.
by Titus dyfilid February 18, 2019
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Brothers Keepers, abbreviated as BK, is a gang based in Surrey, British Columbia that has recently started in the past few years. It has since spread to all around the Lower Mainland, other parts of British Columbia, and Ontario where it has ties to various gangs there.
Man 1: Yo have you heard of that mans that got shot?
Man 2: Yeah I heard he was part of BK
Man 1: BK what's that?
Man 2: Oh it's Brothers Keepers that gang that has Surrey jacks
by 604Mans October 18, 2020
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1. How do you respond to your brother?

2. Tell me the truth?
You cut a side deal
with that motherfucker didn't you?

GEE MONEY: (struggling to answer)

Yes, you did. Yes, you did, Gee.

Fucking Cain.

My brother's keeper?

(Nino walks closer to Gee, then reaches in Gee's coat to find and take his glass dick/crack pipe to confront him)

Was it've been sucking on, huh? Huh? Was that it? Now I see how you let that motherfucker infiltrate. He used you, Gee.

(then Nino throws Gee's glass dick/crack pipe very far from where they're standing)

-From NEW JACK CITY (1991)
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 25, 2006
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It's a memorable quote in the bible found in Genesis 4:9, meaning:

1. Are you responsible for how you respond to your brother?

2. Are you held accountable for how you treat your fellow man?

It's really a sarcastic question/remark from Cain to God after Cain killed his brother, Abel, to keep from admitting to the fact that he did kill Abel.
Nino Brown: To CMB. On and on. Am I my brother's keeper?

CMB: Yes I am.

Nino Brown (louder): Am I my brother's keeper?!

CMB (louder): Yes I am.!

Nino Brown (louder): Am brother's keeper?!!!

CMB (louder):!!!

The Duh Duh Man (studdering): Yes.......I am.!!!

-from NEW JACK CITY (1991)
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 24, 2006
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