A nickname given to someone with a large amount of something. (Money, Stupidity, Amount of times caught fapping, and etc.)
Look at Big bro at it again with his huge MLP collection
by DemonicalyPro January 15, 2018
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Aiden is the Big Bro to Westin. Dominant and better in every way. The BIG BRO
The Big Bro: Westin”Hey big bro can you take me to reshads”? Aiden”go fuck yourself lil bro”. Big bro is older then the younger bro.
by MurderVille November 22, 2021
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When three or more bros spoon in a bed together.
After the strippers last night, we woke up in the big bro dipper formation...it was glorious!
by Thebros March 24, 2013
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A grasroots organization developed to reintroduce endangered plant species into the wild, namely cannabis.
Grab that bag of seeds. We'll go down to the park and Outgrow Big Bro!
by Hector S April 30, 2007
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Okay Josh this is your small b-day gift! Josh is the most awesomest most weirdest more lovable and sweet guy. he makes me smile and makees me happy! i talk about him alot at skool and my friends know all about him! He can bright up anyones day! I love him to death and i will do anything for him! He can be your best friend or best bro withi days! You will never find anyone as awesome as him. I love you joshyour the one of the most wonderful person i;ve ever met and i will never never never forget you! Happy Happy Happy Happy B-day!!!!!! :))))
Josh1998 my big bro! helps you when ever you need help and can make your world brighten up when your sad!
by princessoflight aka Sarah January 8, 2012
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African-American Males with an extremely large male weiner.They are usually found in the bed of Bad Bitches and don't take no for an answer
1.Must have swag,don't follow wack trends
2.Must have a big D
3.Must be black
4.One of the Big D bros has to ravel a lot to spread the wealth
5.All-around greatness
Bad Bitch #1:Omg I can't find a bad dude
Bad Bitch #2: You need to hit up one of them Big D Bro's
Bad Bitch #1: Omg you're so rightttt
by ChickenMannnnnnnnN August 7, 2011
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