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stands for Cash Money Brothers.

Origin: from the 1991 film New Jack City.

In the movie Nino Brown and his brother Gee Money build up a prosperous drug empire under the group CMB.
"CMB, we are taking over."
by cv224 January 13, 2012
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clenching my booty
used when someone gets you tight, causing you to clench your booty
when he leaves me on seen I CMB
by burger burper August 22, 2014
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Person 1: "why did you hang up"
Person 2: "My mom hung up, can you cmb later?"
by A.ray.A May 26, 2017
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means comment(me)back. often used on xanga.
-hey jessica! just leaving u a comment. well i g2g. cmb
by bobrocksmysocks February 08, 2006
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Crazy Mall Bitches: A group of girls (usually between the age of 15 to 17) who think they are about 22, and act like whores around 18-19 year old guys. When rejected by the guys, or "bros", they follow, or "stalk", them around the mall.
*Guys walking around mall, see CMBs*
CMBs: Hey, you wanna chill with us ;)?
Guys: Noooo hahahaha
*Guys walk away, CMBs follow around mall until guys leave*
by DJ LiMitless September 22, 2011
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