Those who go into the fray again and again at your side with and for you to ensure victory at all cost
Only with brothers in arms will I prevail
by MONROEFMJ January 31, 2018
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The greatest game to ever hit the video game console since the release of the original MOH. The game brings to virtual life the story of the 101st airborne division and the 82nd airborne (i.e. Doyle in Earned In Blood was part of the 82nd). The game(s) center themselves around the paratroopers that jumped behind enemy lines on the night/early morning hours of june 5th/6th 1944. The lead characters in this game are:

1. Sgt. Matt Baker (101st)
2. Cpl./Sgt. Joe Hartsock (Sgt. at the very end of the first and nearly halfway through the second game)(101st)
3. Cpl. Sam Corrion (101st)
4. Cpl Seamus Doyle (82nd)
5. Platoon Sgt. Greg Hassay (101st)
6. Pfc. Michael Garnett (101st)
7. Pfc. Jack Courtland (101st)
8. Pfc. Stephen Obrieski (101st.)
9. Pfc. Larry Allen (101st)
10. Pfc John Rivas (101st)
11. Sgt. George Risner (tank commander)
12. Pfc. Benjamin Leggett (101st, radio op.)
13. Pfc. Mike Desola
14. Pfc. David Muzza (is the first person in the game to die. Is only mentioned in the first game and is shown in the beginning conversation between S.L.A Marshall and Sgt. Hartsock in E.I.B)
15. Lt. Col. Robert Cole

The Game:
Puts to death the traditional "Super Soldier" in this game not getting shot is definitley part of the challenge. Gamers who play this game know that going in guns blazing will just get you killed. Tactics are needed if you want to defeat this enemy.

Basic Structure:
The game revolves around small squad tactics. There are two basic branches of the squad.
1. Fire team
2. Assault team

Fire team:
the fire team is usually armed with the heavier stuff (i.e. B.A.R, M1 Garand), and it's the fire teams job to supress the enemy.
Assault Team:
the Assault team is usually armed with SMG's and Carbines (i.e. Thompson, Grease gun, M1A1 carbine)

but of course the Germans will also use small squad tactics against you. The German squad structure revolves around the MG42 HMG. If you have the Normal or hard difficulty on when you make a move the German soldiers will move to keep you in their sights.

the four "F's":
1. Find them: it is important that you find the enemy before the enemy finds you.
2. Fix them: Order your fire team to supress the enemy.
3. Flank them: Order you assault team to flank the enemy. (this is where situational a.i. comes in handy)
4.Finish them: Your assault team gets a flank on the enemy and kills him/them.

Situational a.i.:
Before a Airborne unit went into battle they had the advantage of studying maps, sandtables, and photographs of the battlefeild before they went in, and they would rehearse the battle, but the creators at Gearbox realized that you wouldn't memorize all that stuff, so they gave us Situational A.I., this feature allows you to pause gameplay and lets you search for the proper flank to take out an enemy. This also allows you to see how many enemies you're facing without risking yourself to enemy fire.

Game Titles:
Road to Hill 30
Earned in Blood
Hell's Highway (Xbox 360 title coming out soon)
and other PSP, and mobile phone games

summary: All in all B.I.A is just another WWII game, but it is definitley original in the sense that no other WWII game has dealt specifically with the paratroopers, it is also the first WWII game to show the German "STUG" tank.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Gearbox who brought us a uncut vision on the paratroopers role in the Normandy invasion.
Buy brothers in arms, it is a very good game for those interested in the topic.

Troy Baker voices Sgt. Matt Baker
(for you dumbasses out there, that is called irony)
by Landon Melcher November 11, 2006
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A game that breaks the traditional world war 2 "super soldier" genre. In this game, getting shot hurts. Tactics rather then thousands of rounds are needed to survive in this very unforgiving France
I stayed up until 1 o'clock trying to outflank a german MG in Brothers In Arms
by King Of Yesterday July 19, 2006
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guys that have masturbated to the same girl
"What?! You jerked off to her too? That makes us brothers in arms!"
by BiA October 10, 2012
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A bad game for PS2/xbox/PC.
Road to hill 30 or Earned In Blood. These are parts of the series, Brothers In Arms.
by game-reviewer July 6, 2006
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One who Is the essence of epic lamesauce and uber douche-ness. A person that would give anything just to be a asshole
by Mr. John Flick'o the wrist January 12, 2011
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