Wow my summer house is bleeding like a goodun.
by Richyywoo February 24, 2014
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EDM music that normally has a real gay uplifting melody that you would dance to on a beach with beautiful women while drinking out of a coconut with an umbrella in it. Or at least imagine that while you're outside you're trailer in a blow-up pool from Walmart drinking natural light while starring at your average girl with a ridiculous tan line....
"Dude, I'm totally feeling some summer house music right now."
"Yeah! We can pretend we're in Ibiza even though we're in Gulf Shores, AL"
by Nicetobeimportant March 22, 2017
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Shut up bitch and give me chocolate, I got Russians in my summer house. I'm not yelling, you're yelling. Shit, everything sucks, I hate this!
by Opompous Opossum March 10, 2018
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