A town next to Eastchester, suburb of New York; has one housing project. Zip code 10707.
Tuckahoe - Fuckahoe - isn't that funny?
by John December 4, 2003
When your fucking your side hoe and your main chick walks in so you tuck your side chick under the bed
Man bro last night I had to tuckahoe. But she still caught me.
by Cboogie July 4, 2018
A town next to Bronxville where penis' are small and vaginas and boobs are huge
There is no point in going to Tuckahoe to cut off a man's penis' because it is so short it is probobly an innie.
by Jimmy Jerkoffin June 15, 2005
A transgender Hoe that needs to tuck his cock and balls in between his legs.
by Chief NuttSack April 7, 2017
The name of a cul-de-sac with 7 Jewish people and 1 Asian.
Oh you live on that street with 7 Jewish people and 1 Asian.
by MDoggg January 13, 2004
A rather intense retaliation to something such as stealing beer, or insulting one's girlfriend. Exact details are sketchy because the recipient usually suffers memory loss, but it is beleived to include a tree, a chain, and a pickup truck. Delivered in the back woods of Tuckahoe, NJ.
After his tuckahoe ass whipping, he became quite the gentleman.
by corbincitykiller July 23, 2006
A small, rather shitty, highschool located in Bronxville Manor. Its student body is comprised of middle-class kids from Eastchester and poor kids from the actual village of Tuckahoe. Tuckahoe Highschool is the place to go if you want an easy workload and a below par sports program. Anyone who wishes to make something of themselves leaves in 8th grade for Fordham or Iona prep.
"You go to Tuckahoe High School?"
"Yeah! We're the Class D champions."
"I'm sorry that your parents don't love you."
by Brunswick Geiger October 13, 2013