The wrong way to spell DOUCHE.

Commonly used by immature kids trying to sound cool in online fights.
Idiot: omfg ur such a doushe

Guy #1: What kind of kid doesn't know how to spell douche?

Guy #2: Idiotic internet assholes that try to start fights online for no reason.

Guy #1: True 'dat!
by I'm Lost in Lollipopland December 12, 2009
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The Dumbass spelling of the word Douche.
This guy online is calling me a doush... What a douchebag, eh?
by Mageforce1k March 2, 2008
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An extreme Doushbag. Or someone on the verg of being an extreme Doushbag. Idiot Fuck, Fucktard for brains. As to refure to Charles Dickens . Yet a guy so fool of shitty ideas. He is a Doush Dickens. He wrote the book on Doushbag.
We were trying to get this move job done .And all day Georgey wanted to put his useless two cents in. everytime he would have an idia ,it sucked so bad. Finally I had to set him straight . I had to bring out not only Doushbag ,but I had to call him a Doush Dickens rite to his Doushbag face . King doushbag Doush Dickens.
by Rutterkid August 3, 2010
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A dick-wad. Some person who has NO F*cking idea in the world what the hell they are doing. Particularly a guy.
That guy, Joshua, he is such a doush nozzle, he just fucked your mom!!
by Gay4life February 1, 2010
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Noun. An asshole who puts someone else down to make themselves look and or feel better. Mainly used after a cock blocking maneuver
Dude, why you got to be such a doush dick?

Hey, Doush Dick, leave your ego in the car next time.

If that Doush Dick cock blocks me one more time...
by FenThing October 30, 2007
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