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A place that white people are afraid to go to. To them it is the epitome of the ghetto. Many people from other parts of the Bronx are even afraid to go to the South Bronx.
Though once being made up of vibrant neighborhoods such as Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Melrose, Morrisania and Highbridge, now it's just culturally deteriorated to the "South Bronx".
by YO Man December 18, 2004
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a very hyper and wasted fly
yo man whos your daddy Im your daddy you wanna know why, because I did this to your momma, ya man you suck but your momma sweat, you suck but not as good as your momma though, IM SUPERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by YO Man September 19, 2003
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The odd man out of the New York City boroughs. Staten Island is west of the Hudson and should be considered part of New Jersey. Kind of like how Marble Hill is on the mainland but is part of Manhattan. Go figure.
Growing up in Yonkers, Staten Island was like the moon: a shithole, no reason to there, feels a lot farther than it actually is, a place you see and hear about but still seems mythical.
by YO Man July 12, 2004
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That's not actually correct, JB. (I do love your upstate-bashing, though!) Originally Marble Hill was attached to Manhattan, but a canal was dug in the Harlem River which separated it from Manhattan and put it on the mainland. Though it has always been part of New York County, it is generally regarded as the Bronx. It looks like the Bronx, it feels like the Bronx, the address says Bronx, NY 10463, and the area code is 718.
When you're walking down Broadway, Kingsbridge (Bronx) becomes Marble Hill (Manhattan) after W 230th St, but there is no "Welcome to Manhattan" sign.
by YO Man July 7, 2004
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A city of 72,000 in the suburbs of New York City. Borders New York City (The Bronx specifically) by water but not by land. Consists of two very contrasting parts. The northern half of New Ro is Wykagyl which is an upper middle class snobfest with this gay chain deli called Cosi which looks like Starbucks and caters to country club Westchester types. The southern half of New Rochelle, downtown, is run-down and depressed. Not much here besides New Roc City, a large entertainment complex with a movie theater charging $10 per ticket. Singer Don McLean grew up here and New Rochelle is said to be the home of American Pie. Actor Ossie Davis is a current resident. Also, Matt Dillon was born in New Ro but grew up in Mamaroneck, the next town up the sound.
Why the fuck does UrbanDictionary now REQUIRE examples? OK, they just said that first sentence was too short and Now this is pissing me off.
by YO Man July 4, 2004
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An inferior version of Yonkers. The northern half of Mount Vernon is a boring area called Fleetwood that looks like a clone of New Rochelle. The south side is a hellhole ghetto with like 2 white people which adjoins the similar Wakefield section of the Bronx.
Yonkers has 25 distinct neighborhoods. Mount Vernon just has Fleetwood. Who's more culturally sophisticated?
by YO Man June 25, 2004
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Mount Vernon, NY. Near Yonkers and the Bronx. Used to have a large Italian-American population in the 60s and 70s, then a large black population moved in and the Italians moved to Eastchester (the next town up). Since then it has turned into a shithole.
MurDaVille is near my hometown of Yonkers.
by YO Man June 30, 2004
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