this kid is so nice when you hang out with him for just a minute you cant help but smile he is funny caring he waits for when you tie your shoe BUT he wont tie his own he is not just about him self he is a great listener he wont tell your shit to anyone he will talk to you if you need he will ask you out to your face just so you know
i love bronson
by hobo7529 October 03, 2019
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Someone who is sooool annoying that they won’t shut up about either memes, Minecraft, or some other stupid thing. They are super butthurt all the time and constantly bitching about their life if there’s even a tiny inconvinience. They never work out and are kinda dumb. They always act retarded and cry when you even say one tiny little thing. They start being really annoying to you and then when you confront them they act like you’re soooooo evil
*is playing any instrument*
Bronson: *starts ruining the song you’re playing and making weird noises*
You: hey dude stop that Is playing something
Bronson: heyyyy stop being so mean it’s not like I was doing anything wrong I was just playing an instrument stop being such an asshole you’re so annoying waaaaaahwaahwahhhh
by Nobody is a Bitch December 19, 2019
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