A remote ass military outpost in Northern Canada. The most northerly inhabited place in the world. So remote, the polar bears think it's too cold.
Yo why don't we just deport Johnny to Alert. He's a fucking idiot tbh.
by LordRafox July 4, 2019
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to get attention or to just say
"alert whats going to occur?- see occur for further reffrence
by [CSP]TRIPZ July 29, 2006
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The common practise of identifying a problem without even attempting to suggest a solution.

This can range from tangible problems (e.g. a broken cupboard door that is simply flagged to housemates via WhatsApp) to more intangible problems (e.g. a therapist merely pointing out toxic behaviours without offering suggestions for how to change those behaviours and/or what aspirational healthy behaviours could look like).

Those that practice this often feel that through identifying a problem they have done their bit or done enough. In reality, without the follow-through, the problem remains but we just see it more clearly.
The difference between The Great Hack and The Social Dilemma is that the latter actually offered a solution - the former was just one great big exercise in alertism.
by AdLibera December 21, 2020
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1) an exclamation to express total surprise/shock/pleasure/horror/horror/dismay at or draw attention to the state of something (used in the same context like wow or fuck).

2) a superlative adjective to add legitimacy/weight to the description of something (used in the same context as legit)
1) "Alert, those ribs were dope!"; "Alert, that bitch was rude!"

2) "Her party was alert off the chain"; "I alert can't see straight right now"
by therealanbari April 21, 2016
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Something to say when Andy comes, but instead you say,"Boomer's coming," because you want to piss him off.
Boomer's coming! "Boomer alert! Boomer alert! Boomer alert! He's dying someone call the fridge police!"
by Bonehead5000 February 25, 2020
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When one comes across people acting in a manner that is the epitome of the college lifestyle, one may alert others of the occurance.
Walking through the Quad and witnessing people playing frisbee and tanning, George screams "College Alert!".

When a drunk freshman girl stumbles out of a bar and a friendly senior male helps to find her way back home, Bobby high fives Charlie as they both state "College Alert" while nodding their heads in approval.
by Activties August 24, 2009
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