type of men bert likes
eg. bert likes big men
by ert April 6, 2003
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Players on a basketball team that are very tall. This term usually applies to centers or the "5" (who can easily be at least 7'0" tall) but can also apply to power forwards (also called the "4") or forward-centers (combination power-forwards/centers).
College Basketball fan #1: I can't believe that the coach keeps on using a 4-guard rotation! Our opponents have an 80% field goal percentage from inside the arc, and the team has absolutely no inside presence! In other words, if the team can't hit at least 50% of their 3-pointers, they will almost always lose, even at home.

College Basketball fan #2: We really need more big men. Tell Coach J to recruit some power forwards and centers instead of filling 4 out of the 5 new yearly spots with point guards and shooting guards.
by JasonMath March 30, 2008
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big men fucking. hot steamy big men with sex.

10 Big Steamy Men Having Sex
"I need some big hot men to help me with my homework" -JhbTeam

"It was an ordinary day. I was going to the supermarketWhen suddenly i had SEX. WITH BIG HOT MEN" -Slimecicle

"me and these Big Hot Men have a bone to pick with you, pal" -Ted Nivison

"I was walking on the street when Big Hot Men" -Altrive
by Blixy Blix June 10, 2020
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The type of men that Vince McMahon likes
by A Real Sick Guy March 8, 2017
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"How are you fellas doing it's me the Big Sweaty Men"
"Thiruson fuck off"
by Kajus Vaicuis March 29, 2021
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these are people with the name Alex Tyler and Will they are the big penis men
man I bet you your not friends with the big penis men
by FMS_Squidy May 10, 2022
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balls, testis, nuts, chin bumpers, ass smackers, the boys, the twins, or any othe forms of the two things that hang in your nut sack.
She even sucked my big burly men while my shlong was on her forehead.
by Dave March 3, 2004
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