1: one who acts as a middle-man in large quantity drug deals (specifically marijuana)
a : a person with lots of connections both socially and business-related, who is trusted by both the buyer and the seller to facilitate the actual transfer of product and payment for a small fee.
b : a person who negotiates the terms of a drug deal and guarantees a safe and smooth transaction

2: Weed Broker
3: one who sells or distributes marijuana
Is Dan still a broker? Because I got a buyer who just flew in from New York and he needs somebody with good connections.
by Leahzlatest July 23, 2017
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stock salesman or dealer in stocks ( market makers )
(1) broker is what you get when you have a broker!
(2) broker your are the less your broker will talk to you!

ps check dog face hoover 1928
by itichie_nocanpo June 30, 2006
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Brokers Reserve is an American Blended Whiskey that is 40% alc/vol. It cost between 6 and 7 dollars for a 5th. People generally buy it when they are broke or are cheap. People call it broke-ass for short.
Dude #1 "Ahh..Man your drinking broke-ass brokers?"
Dude #2 "Yeah I only had 7 dollars in my bank account."
by Brynden May 05, 2006
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Someone who invests your money until it's all gone ...
My aunt inherited some green, but her gutter-dwellin' broker used it all up for Bimmer payments ...
by Area Fifty One July 03, 2006
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I'm broker than you, so don't try asking money from me
by eyestrain November 29, 2010
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A slang term for a prostitute: especially one who has a pimp
Yo man, I gotta go see how my broker is doing making me money.
by Phenomally February 08, 2007
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a guy that sets a friend up with a girl. Said girl is usually a strong contender for an easy lay, solid hookup, date or relationship. The pussy broker (PB) acts as a matchmaker or pimp of sorts. This negotiation is discussed with the friend ahead of time and the PB gets a favor of some kind that usually involves sexual exploitation of said setup (like pictures of the girl naked or a video of sex with said girl). Bonus Points are given if said girl is an ex-girlfriend of the PB.
"My buddy did a great job as my pussy broker this weekend. He set me up with a real freak and all i had to do was take a picture of her tits!"

"I really need to get some ass. I need to call up my PB and see who he can set me up with."
by nunzio19 July 22, 2009
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