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I'm going to knock you out; finish you; beat you up; slang term taken from the theatre term "curtain call"; end of show.
Just wait, it's going to be curtains for you!
by Leahzlatest July 15, 2017
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a term used to describe a person, place or thing that is known, recognized, popular within a small group or specific area; popular, having many friends; having people you have never met, talk about you and recognize you.
"Have you met Alyssa, she's lightweight famous out here?'
by Leahzlatest October 16, 2020
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A word used to express disbelief; when some one is going on and on about all the amazing things they have accomplished or have acquired and you know they are exaggerating or completely fabricating the truth.
Person A: What kind of car was your first car?

Person B: When I was sixteen my dad took me to the dealership and bought me a Maybach, it was a one of a kind, it was the best car ever made, it could beat any car on the road. I had to sell it though cause my girlfriend was jealous of the girls that be jockin'.

Person A: Ohdijya
by Leahzlatest July 15, 2017
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Pronunciation : wuhn - buht - ki • chn

1. A small kitchen
2. A long, narrow kitchen
3. A space designated for food/meal preparation only large enough to facilitate one person
“You are going to have to wait to make your lunch until I finish doing the dishes. This is a one-butt-kitchen.”
by Leahzlatest July 27, 2019
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1: one who acts as a middle-man in large quantity drug deals (specifically marijuana)
a : a person with lots of connections both socially and business-related, who is trusted by both the buyer and the seller to facilitate the actual transfer of product and payment for a small fee.
b : a person who negotiates the terms of a drug deal and guarantees a safe and smooth transaction

2: Weed Broker
3: one who sells or distributes marijuana
Is Dan still a broker? Because I got a buyer who just flew in from New York and he needs somebody with good connections.
by Leahzlatest July 23, 2017
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