Your friend who always has a smoke you can bum when you're fiending for a drag, but you got nothin for puffin.
"Hey Carl man, can I bum a smoke?"
"This is my last one, dude. Go ask Jake, he's the smoke broker around here."
by HeroHandy May 07, 2019
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From stockbroker: A person is who is/or is acting like a homo.
Skip: "I just finsished all of Ayn Rand's books"

Pete: "Dude. You're such a dick broker."
by Pytor November 02, 2006
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The lowest form of life that has survived evolution. This sub-breed of the human species has no morale, honor or sense of honesty. Their appearance is of a typical human being, but they can be recognized as a real estate broker by their forked tongue, breath that smells like bullshit (due to their habit of talking shit daily and hourly), and for their overall lizard-like appearance.

When running into a real estate broker - kiinteistönvälittäjä in Finnish - avoid all eye contact and take the nearest exit, if inside a building. It is very necessary to vacate any and all premises if a real estate broker is encountered. Remember to close all open doors and alert the police, fire department and the local zoo.
A real estate broker is a person, who upon running into a battery victim, will check his or her pockets for anything valuable and force anal sex with the victim after that.
by Magnus E 5 July 02, 2008
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To use the restroom for the purpose of taking a piss.
Dude #1: OK, you ready to go?
Dude #2: Hold on -- I gotta go call my broker before we leave...
by Aneurysm Boy June 25, 2007
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Real Broker Show is a show where real estate agents show viewers inside apartments for rent or sale across the city.
Yo! I just saw this dope 1 bedroom apartment on the Real Broker Show just now.
by ReneofReal November 15, 2017
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Being so broke, that you don't even have a dollar on you to buy a piece of candy.
Bro, I can' hang out with you tonight, I'm broker than Brokeback Mountain
by Notsure75 November 30, 2019
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A person, usually insane, who makes and uploads memes to the internet. They are usually either fourteen year olds or 40 year olds.
That kid is the best meme broker I've ever met!
by DHBoi December 23, 2017
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