vibing out loud. it's basically like lol but bc laughing is kind a just like straight up vibing so its equally if not even more appropriate
heheheehehe vol
by epic.jesus July 28, 2020
Similar to lol, but means Vomit Out Loud.
To be used when you see something that would make you vomit
*looking at your face*

Me: Your face makes me vol.
by davf February 15, 2009
The school that has superior athletics as compared to their rivals. Florida tries to beat them but they cannot. Auburn has to cheat to win the SEC championship. Vols shall dominate.
Who did the vols beat?
by volsfan2591 May 10, 2005
The Best College and College Sports Team In The World.
oh i hear them vols have gotten another championship.
by Big Bronco May 31, 2007

1. A student or alumni of the University of Tennessee.

2. The mascot of the University of Tennessee (Tennessee Vols).
After tuition, I may not have enough money to buy food, but at least I'm a Vol!
by Jamie August 13, 2004
Vol is a verb that Means Vomit Out Loud.
Similar to LOL.
Used in times of extreme disgust.
Your making me sick, I might vol.
by Jebs, yeah, jebs November 30, 2010
An orange wearing drunken buffoon who attends The University of Tennessee Knoxville. Commonly noted for attending more football games (8 Homes Games) than classes. They are particularly easy to spot because of their bright orange apparel and when conversing they will often refer to themselves as "Gator Hators" and bash every school and every referee who has ever been part of a UT loss.
"I couldn't get into any real school's so I settled with being a Vol."
by tay sachs11 June 11, 2008