8 definitions by Pseudohacker

The real way to read the name of this webiste
Guy 1: Do you know the website urban dictionary?
Guy 2: Its urBAN, not urban
by Pseudohacker February 22, 2021
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Wait, you are telling me to buy a "broken mug"?
This is scam
by Pseudohacker March 1, 2021
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What people dont have anymore in this dictionary
Man, I dont have any original ideas ...
by Pseudohacker February 26, 2021
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Rules? What?
by Pseudohacker February 23, 2021
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1 What cameras do to create lower quality images
2 The platform where the bois do their daily dose of ignorance
3 Where old people (boomers) use cat filters
Zoom? its useless!
Lol that old guy with the cat filter
by Pseudohacker February 23, 2021
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