Angry, pissed off, annoyed. As in brewing up anger inside.
You're in trouble Matt, you just broke Sam's bike and he's well brewin'
by Aidan Brooks June 2, 2005
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The body's act of processing foods and liquids to the point where you can actually feel the goods shifting in your bowels. This process is usually accompanied by really potent releases of gas with the end process being a really intense bowel movement.
"Oh man! Smells like your Brewin up a good one"
by ODubya July 13, 2004
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The act of ruining a brew (cup of tea) by over brewing.
That Scottish prick has Brewined my cuppa!
by angrydev September 4, 2017
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to express multiple emotions and acts anger/joy/to gossip/to have fun etc. (to brew).
Given the situation and the emotions involved you could use brew/ brewin in all situations.

i like to say i'm brewing for you if i'm brewin for you

You brewin for me? - Y'all talkin shit?? also a favorite
"i'm brewin for you" could be negative or positive

"You brewin for me?" given a smile or a frown it's positive or negative
"Stop being a brewin bitch" -"if they're brewing for you they're a brewing bitch.
"what a brew" - given the situation it could be positive or negative
"I'm brewin"- "i'm having a good time, i'm upset, i'm bored af, i'm high".

"brewwwww" - for when your're really brewing something ( anger, distrust, pettiness etc.)
" oh brew" - for when someone is telling you gossip and its like saying oh shit
"brewin 4 you" - the ultimate brew you could brew could be a fighting statement
"i'm brewin up a somethin for you"- someone must be onto you or pissed at you or they have gossip to put you onto or maybe a gift or surprise.
by brewforashbash June 10, 2018
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When there’s a big old thunder cloud rolling down the valley
I nearly died from the lighting

Yeah I know there’s a storm A-brewin
by Leroy innit July 27, 2018
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