To take what someone has said out of context for the purpose of slandering them.

Taken from the last name of rightwing political operative Andrew Breitbart.
They breitbarted her just like John Kerry in 2004!
by nugzstradamus July 22, 2010
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When a video is selectively edited to distort context and make someone appear guilty of something they didn't actually do
That guy is innocent, but they chopped up that video and Breitbarted him, so he was presumed guilty.
by In_Shambles July 21, 2010
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To die in ways which are within the means of a government assassin, though difficult to prove, when someone in government has a clear motive and all that is missing is the smoking gun. To qualify, someone in government has to be suspected of being the alleged assassin. The means of death has to be highly suspect and convenient.

A random civilian getting shot in the eyes by a neighbor who doesn't like his political views is not being Breitbarted. A man with damning evidence and testimony against an elected official who suddenly shows up in a dumpster decapitated and it's ruled a "suicide" by the coroner, however, definitely qualifies. Most victims, however, die of heart attacks - which can be brought about by hard-to-trace poisons. The difficulty is proving it.

In summary, you need:

1) Reasonable grounds for suspicion of foul play.
2) A clear government motive for assassination.
3) Convenient circumstances.
4) Someone in government as a prime suspect. Not the Mafia, unless the two are working in cohorts.
5) Impeccable timing.

Absurd coroner rulings are optional. This usually applies to conservatives who die suspiciously and to liberals who are suspected, but any combination of ideologies is possible for a victim-assassin relationship, provided the other above-stated qualifiers are present.

Named after Andrew Breitbart, the timing of whose death raised lots of suspicions.
When the Mafia does it, they say it was "made to look like an accident." When the government does it, that's called being "Breitbarted."
by ObscuredBeyond March 05, 2014
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The 2010 version of "Borked" meaning someone who paid an undeserved price or was denied what they deserved and were qualified for due to nothing more than blatantly political overreaction by those in power.
Shirley Sherrod was Breitbarted out of her job as a USDA employee when the NAACP and the Obama administration overreacted to a video clip posted on youtube and elaborated on by Fox News.
by dhyatt July 21, 2010
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