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Brather (Bro-Father)

A friend/ mate who is considered a bro but is usually older and gives guidance to the younger friend/ mate like a father would.

" I'm here for you bro, I'm your Brather, your bro-father "

" Luke Skywalker, Iam your Brather, your Bro-Father "
by DILLIGAF90 May 09, 2018
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(brah-thur) He's your brother AND your father.

Ex: A man and a woman have a son. Once he is old enough to fire live ammunition, he sleeps with mom, impregnating her. She gives birth to a child who has a mother and a brather.
Son: Hey want to go light firecrackers?
Brather: Normally I would, except I grounded you for stealing my cigarettes, remember?
by Bum Stigity Bum February 13, 2010
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