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a humongous lesbian; as comic strip canine marmaduke is a great dane, one of the lagest dog breeds.
-jesus look at the size of that one!
-oh and she's a total lez, look at those overalls.
-looks like we got ourselves a Marmadyke.
by Bum Stigity Bum May 19, 2011
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a variant of the english language featuring acronyms usually only encountered in text messages and electronic mail correspondences
-OMG WTF is his problem?
-excuse me?
-oh sry just using lolspeak
by Bum Stigity Bum November 07, 2010
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-Phones are down again.
-How are we supposed to call Fran?
-Duh, use the Milwaukee Talkie.
by Bum Stigity Bum February 04, 2011
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A diaper worn by Chinese gamblers to alleviate the need for getting up from the table to use the restroom. A must-have for the marathon gambling session.
-What's with that smell coming from the Pai Gow room? And why is that guy sleeping at the table?
-Dude, they never leave the table. Smells like someone needs his Pai Gow diaper changed.
by Bum Stigity Bum December 18, 2010
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(brah-thur) He's your brother AND your father.

Ex: A man and a woman have a son. Once he is old enough to fire live ammunition, he sleeps with mom, impregnating her. She gives birth to a child who has a mother and a brather.
Son: Hey want to go light firecrackers?
Brather: Normally I would, except I grounded you for stealing my cigarettes, remember?
by Bum Stigity Bum February 13, 2010
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A black friend of a white, asian, or hispanic guy. Could be the token black guy that people are seeking out to complete their social circle. Lends credibility to someone trying not to appear racist.
-I can't make it, I'm going bowling with my Afbro.
-You have an Afbro? Since when?
-Since I started keeping it real. Your crew is whiter than Crisco.
-Damn, I just got served.
by Bum Stigity Bum February 13, 2010
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a high test mouthwash used only after one is ATMed. an extremely acidic concoction, not to be used more than once a week to prevent withering of the gums, melted teeth or disintegration of oral tissue
-oh jesus, Rocco was really feelin' it last night, he fucked me in the ass then busted his nut in my mouth.
-oh wow, been there. I have some Ass-to-Mouthwash you can borrow if you want.
-hellz yeah girl
-just make sure you spit it out after like 3 seconds.
by Bum Stigity Bum November 12, 2011
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