A type of alcohol, usually 80 proof, that is distilled from wine or fermented fruit. It is commonly used in cocktails and as a cooking ingredient. Several high-end brands are available and have been recently popularized in lavish hip-hop culture, such as Cognac and Ouzo.

Also, brandy can be used as a verb, which is to mix or add brandy to something else.
Think monica lewinski, paris, and moesha
Head in the hotel sippin brandy smokin reefa
And I'm so high ya boy don't lie

Hey Phil, how much did you brandy this sangria?
by Huckin Fusky April 22, 2006
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Brandy is a girl that has standards but no limits. She is beautiful.. And amazing in every way. She is brutally honest... So you know where you stand and doesn't care wut u think of her. Brandy is loyal to everyone in her life but can fuck someone up real gud if there not as loyal back. Brandy is always down for a good time but knows that she has responsibilitys. Brandy is Brandy... And she likes being there for anyone at anytime
Hi I am Brandy lol ..I just described me self .... Humble??? Idk
by Brandy? September 17, 2017
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A fine drink of distilled wine. See Brandywine.
"Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy." – Samuel Johnson
by GBMorris February 20, 2006
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1. an actress, R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer. Starred in the television series Moesha. she is the sister of Ray J, and cousin of Snoop Dogg. Her biggest single was "The Boy Is Mine" a R&B duet with R&B singer Monica. the song reached number 1 in the US Bill Board 100. It is from her second album "Never Say Never".

2. a type of alcohol
1. Yo did you know Brandy killed someone? im serious is was a car accident though.

2. Damn i need a Brandy right now to drunk the night off
by Faizan December 06, 2007
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A kind of hard liquor distilled from wine.
It looks lke whiskey.
It smells like whiskey.
It tastes like whiskey.
You could put brandy in a whiskey bottle or whiskey in a brandy bottle and sell it and few people would notice.
For some reason, the cheap kind (such as E&J) has a WASPy connotation, but the expensive stuff (Hennesy cognac, made in France) is mostly drunk by black people and is talked about a lot in rap videos.
White guy: I got drunk on brandy last night.
Black guy: You mean like Hennessy?
White guy: Naw, E&J.
Black guy: E&J?! What the hell kinda cracker shit is that?!
White guy: That's all we got at my house.
by Mr. Dirtweed April 15, 2006
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