This bitch got all BOS cuz I didn't text her right back
by skyeyeimages December 23, 2010
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means bad ass but you say it as bos. not b dot o dot s dot.

(also means Beware of Stingray. sorry steve irwin)
that was so B.O.S. fuck i love you
by yoyoyoyoyooy May 20, 2008
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black. out. status.
i was so BOS i don't remember what happened last night.

we need to BOS after a shitty week.
by drunk bitch 21 March 22, 2011
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Big ole' slut.
That chick messes around with everyone, what a B.O.S.
by midntmachinist February 19, 2012
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Abreviateion for Bucket of Stinky Shit. Term is used in place of failure or FAIL.
Chris' Internet connection is B.O.S.S.
by jumpcable January 25, 2011
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Balls of Steel.
A text acronym but also spoken. (boss but with a long 'o')
'Your grandad was a U2 pilot? Wheewww! BoS.'
by PulSe of Samsara June 09, 2021
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A name given to a man only of the highest level of intelligence, attractiveness, and gangstaness. NOT to be confused with boss (with a second S) a Bos is FAR SUPERIOR. The name can also be given to a woman by a man Bos in turn making her a Bos, unless the woman is a Prude bitch at which time he will remove the name and give it to a better woman, like a Rae.
Did you see that hacker hack all that shit!!?? He must be a Bos!
by RaeRaeBigBooty July 12, 2018
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