An American English slang term used in the South, in both general and endearing contexts. The word's roots and primary usage are found in Southeastern North Carolina, in mostly rural areas and smaller towns, but can be heard throughout "Tobacco Road," as well as parts of South Carolina. Perhaps stemming from the term "buddy" by slurring the latter half of the word, but also less possibly a play on the term "bro." Not to be confused with the French term "beau."
"Sup bo, what's goin' on?"
by Ghost Of Bodhi October 20, 2013
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Bo is a kind hearted person that never finds it nessecary to follow the status quo or fit in. She has a gorgeous smile and lights up the room she walks in. She is also quite a tom boy and is quite rough around the edges and that’s typically the best thing about her. She is the most loyal friend or girlfriend or family member anyone can have and will stay no matter what.
“Who’s even got my back
“Bo does!”
by 1008ud February 20, 2018
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B.O, body odour. A nice smelling smell that you get if you don't shower regulary and sweat a lot.
Pronounced as BEE-OH
Woah, who smells of B.O?
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
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Bo is the kind of person you can compare things to to decide if theyre beautiful or not. The kind of person who you can love so easily. They are as reliable as the ocean is to the shore and as intricate as the shells you can find there. Theyre someone that will distract you from the stars, no matter how bright. And someone who is absolutely perfect the way they are. Bo is worth waiting on.
"I am uncertain in this chaotic life but one thing i am sure of is that I love you, bo"
by Dee The Bee January 31, 2022
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A Bo is strong, handsome, noble, masculine, with a burning disire to succeed. Flexible, but does not break. Extremely capable, knowledgeable, positive, certian, never boastful. An unbreakable will. Bo knows what it takes to win and will push it to the very edge, if thats not enough, Bo will push it over the edge. Bo believes there is no such thing as a second place winner. Easy does it,,,my ass.

French spell as Beau or Biau meaning handsome, beautiful, noble, graceful, elegant, courteous , but like Bo also brave, strong,,, bends, but do not break. Beware, a Bo will snap back with without warning.
The Bo staff, the weapon made from bambo for its strength, speed, and flexibility.

Bo Knows,,,one of the greatest athletics of modern times.

Bo always comes out on top, strong, handsome, smart, fast car, and always get the girl.
by Oneworld February 7, 2010
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A beautiful girl that loves the World! But watch out cause she’s braver than you think and loves animals. She’s kind and really sweet! Very hot beautiful person she may thinks she ugly but the world thinks she beautiful! And she’s a kickass friend all the time rather you really need one or you just want company.
Dude have you seen Bo today she’s so pretty!
by 907alaska April 3, 2018
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