aka a Folk-Brothers Of the Struggle.

or BOSS "Brothers Of the Strong Struggle"
when I step up on one of my FOLKS I say whats up BOSS?
by Big T April 2, 2005
pronounced “boes.” abbreviation for the term ‘lesbos.’
by loltotallybro June 30, 2019
Bong, large object used to smoke marijuana.
stoof the bos. bosman, bosology, gotta bos? gotta tos? nah? peace.
by LisaJoe October 18, 2006
A drunk man having a good time dining with a sober girl and then after he was done eating she dashes out.
Bos drinking one night met this girl and dined with her in his room and then 10 minutes later she dashed.

Dine and Dash you got BOSSED
by Burr13 October 15, 2009
A state of having excess physical energy.
"How are you today"

"boing boing boing boing boing"

"Ahh, you are bouncing off the walls!"
by Pagarodog November 23, 2009
The motion that a penis makes while becoming erection quickly.
I told John that i'd like to give him a blow job , and he went Boing Boing Boing.
by SexyAndIKnowIt6979 March 5, 2012