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B.O.S - (Pronounced same as Boss)
A term used within the Gangster Disciple Nation (GDN) and other "Folks" street gang to identify with one another or used a a entity to "stack" on. Usually the term is used to defend a thought or idea. It would be the equivalent to swearing to God or Swearing on someone's life. Also know as Brothers of the Same Struggle.
On tha Bos, if you pay me on Wednesday, Ima pop yo ass!
by "King Kong 773" November 18, 2007
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aka a Folk-Brothers Of the Struggle.

or BOSS "Brothers Of the Strong Struggle"
when I step up on one of my FOLKS I say whats up BOSS?
by Big T April 02, 2005
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pronounced โ€œboes.โ€ abbreviation for the term โ€˜lesbos.โ€™
โ€œpinche the bos, being gay.โ€
by loltotallybro June 29, 2019
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Acronym for Brotherhood of Steel, the main enemy of the Enclave and ally of the Vault Dweller, Chosen One, and the Lone Wanderer
"in the BoS, the scribes develop technology, the knights build it, and the paladins use it."
by Mosin August 03, 2009
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Blast On Site- used in gang grafitti to threaten rival gangs.

Brothers Of the Struggle - meaning any gang member involved in the gang struggle
B.O.S. Lil' Mac, Blast him On Site
by Oscar III March 06, 2008
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An abbreviation for Bitch Owning Shawty. Refers to a beautiful sexy woman that dominates one of more guys.
He will do anything Niranjana tells him do do because she is his BOS.
by H-Town Pup July 21, 2010
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