state of being high where you just feel like bouncing all over the place
''shit im so high im just springing over here.''
by alexandria14 March 19, 2008
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Springness is the hidden presence of the concealed mystery of truth
A poet's corpus will never die, for it has a timeless springness
A poet's corpus will never die, for it has a timeless springness.

It does not contain the second egotistical, bouncy "i" of springiness.

Antonyms: winterness,,, normalness
by Joannissance September 20, 2013
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A city in Arkansas of approximately 40,000 located 50 miles SW of Little Rock. Also referred to as Not Springs National Park. It is called Not Springs because there is NOT anything to do or see there.
I am going to visit the fam in Not Springs....I hear they're getting the internet next year.
by Philanewbie June 10, 2009
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A sharp shooting pain followed by a brief intake of breath through puckered lips.
Ohh my legs are springeing
by Scott Rowland July 20, 2006
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The time period, in the Northern Hemisphere, between Winter (Dec. 21 to Mar. 20) and Summer (June 21 to Sept. 20), usually starting on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st and lasting until June 20th.
In Canada, we don't really have spring, summer and autumn, just winter and road repair season!
by Springbreaker August 1, 2006
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to be used in a state of desperation or complete disappointment. the term no springs is in reference to a 50's infomercial on the importance of springs in everyday life.
when you have taken a really hard test and the teacher has evaluated the paper unfairly, simply state your ultimate level of disappointment by using the term "aw...No Springs" in a simple monotone statement
by ubbey road May 20, 2006
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If you're in college, the time when all the girls pull out their 'assets' from hiding and show them in short skirts, halters, and flipflops. Very nice weather too.
Winter makes you forget what you've been missing, but spring reminds you.
by bigtones March 28, 2007
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