Daniela: What do you do when the water get- gets colder?
Nicolette: Booty fart, because it makes it warmerrrr.
by 🤡 👈 This you? September 2, 2020
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a booty fart is a thing you do when ur pooping or farting
by bootyfartmaker November 22, 2021
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An iconic saying that can express many emotions, or give your friends a good laugh. Either way, if you say "bitch, booty fart", you are superior to all of your peers.
"Thoughts on teen pregnancy?"
"Bitch, booty fart!"
by ImHeureux May 9, 2020
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When a man/woman of color shits themself and it smells really bad.
Yo Juan, did you smell Tyrone's Nigga Booty Fart Shit Fart
by ishattedinmypantsiamfr March 8, 2022
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Large amount of gas that extracted out of a woman with a big grabable ass. After she just received a 2 hour fuck from a 12 inch or larger dick. Often happens in the hood among black people
Damnn. Tina had the ode big booty ho fart after I gave her that good dick.
by geesus54 May 5, 2011
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