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Siennamae is not the best person because she r@@ped jack write multiple times when he wasn't comfortable with it and she broke into his apartment multiple times and stalked him she is currently at exactly 14 million but I think she deserves 0
Siennamae is a r@@pist
by °^° January 26, 2022
Charli damelio is a 17 year old girl with 134.5 Million TikTok followers in counting she got famous in 2019 for the iconic renegade dance and she also became a hype house member she has 2 Dunkin drinks and is pretty successful for her age but she is an amazing person
by °^° January 27, 2022
You fart out your booty and there you have it a booty fart 💨
Booty farts
by °^° January 27, 2022