6 definitions by Alien and Pablo

To accidentally get someone elses cum on you during a gang bang or bukkake
"Me and my boys were gang banging lucie when I got caught in the crossfire!"
by Alien and Pablo January 9, 2021
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"Whats the one where your heart go fast?"

by Alien and Pablo May 17, 2021
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when you poop so much it makes a stack of turds that touch your balls.
"I pooped out a termite mound and now my dick and balls are African colored!"
by Alien and Pablo December 22, 2020
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When you shit and poop comes out instead
"I took a shit and poop came out. A shitty poopoo in laymans terms
by Alien and Pablo December 22, 2020
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A younger brother who is a better bro and/or friend than the world could offer.
"Yo when in doubt I call my bo bro for advice."
"Ive been sad lately but my bo bro bought me a mini fridge and now Im as cheerful as can be."
by Alien and Pablo July 9, 2020
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