Large amount of gas that extracted out of a woman with a big round ass After she just received a long fuck from a 12 inch or larger dick. This results from the holding in the gas for a long period so she doesn't fart on the guys dick while getting it up the ass....Often happens in the hood among black or spanish people
Damnn. Tina had the ode big booty ho fart after I gave her that good dick.
by geesus54 May 5, 2011
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booty fart- Noun/Verb When you’re fucking a bitch in her ass and she farts but ends up sharting on your cock
dylan: i was fucking this bitch and she had a booty fart
by Trainwreck2829 March 11, 2022
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You fart out your booty and there you have it a booty fart 💨
Booty farts
by °^° January 27, 2022
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