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The result of exposure to the Neal Boortz radio show, which triggers the remission of obsessive-compulsive compassion disorder. Being Boortzed generally manifests itself in the use of rational thought and facts with which to make arguments, observations, and decisions. May also reveal itself in the desire to be successful through individual effort and being responsible for one's own actions.
After being Boortzed, Johnny realized that success and happiness is entirely within his own control. He turned off American Idol, worked hard to learn a valuable skill, and worked his way into a high-paying job by being focused and disciplined. Unfortunately, Johnny's hard earned success after being Boortzed resulted in him being subject to the heaviest tax burden while bearing repeated accusations of being among "the fortunate" who do not pay their fair share, even though his share contributes to the bulk of the total income tax burden.
by M. Anthony Tarone April 17, 2008
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To have all of your original thoughts erased and replaced with right wing propaganda.
After listening to the Neal Boortz Show out of Atlanta for a couple of weeks I have now been Boortzed.
by Deborah Lee June 03, 2006
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