In other ways used as the phrase "laying down the law"....
You let that bitch leave you with the kids and went out drinkin...? You better be layin some smack down...
by john harrison January 16, 2004
The effect of swallowing an ecstacy pill. the effects usually make people more uncontrolable making them dangerous!
man when my pupils expand and i look like i'm about to kill someone i be smacked down!
by Derron February 22, 2009
To shut someone up by making them look like a dumbass. Mainly, when a person believes’s they are right about a certain thing but, are in fact wrong. For example they believe a (i.e. Person made a certain song) but it fact it is a totally different person so they are proved wrong and humiliated in front of a crowd. It is normally proclaimed by one of the on lookers if they believe the diss is worthy of the recognition.
1. Person 1: "I dont care what you say, drinking everyday is better then smoking weed every day for your body."
Person 2: "Your a fucking moron you obviously believe everything D.A.R.E taught you!"
Crowd: "Ahahahahahahahahah"
Person 3: "Smack-down"
by [J.C] October 28, 2005
To take control of a situation with the intention of resolving it as rapidly as possible
I am gonna go in there and lay the smack down
by KaffyP February 2, 2010
1. Talkin' Trash

2. Something really good or cool, or doing something really cool or good.

3. Kickin' ass!

4. Droppin' Plates
Jarrod Washburn was really "Puttin' the smack down!" in that game tonight!
by Plate Dropper July 24, 2009
When you line up a group of girls and you run up and smack them in the face with your cock, the way a lumberjack runs thru a field of tree. i.e. hoes being the trees
"ladies welcome to friday night lumberjack smack down, everyone down to their knees"
by arnold schowllenpecker April 21, 2008