An archiac form for bringing information to the masses. Consists of several paper pages with words printed or written directly on them. After the invent of computers, books where a thing of histroy. Evidently many people on the internet cannot read words with only letters in them, they MUST contain numbers and symbols as well.
OMG 1M teh 5hit |\/|07h3r fuck3r!!!11!1 LOL. Translation: I am utterly hopeless in everything I do, my friend. Ha,ha,ha.
by Ersatz Semblance January 30, 2004
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1000 hits of acid.
Somebody else posted that it was a hundred. That is incorrect. 100 is a sheet or page. 10 is a strip and 10,000 is a bible.
I used to get books for $1450.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
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It's like a tablet or an Ipad but with numerous screens containing words. When reading them it plays a movie in your head. These books also contain words that can be useful for life. A person that likes reading this can be called a reader.
I read the hunger games yesterday. Its a wonderful book!
by Kate Di Angelo November 14, 2015
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Something people read. Some people use them as a resource, others read them for fun, others do only because they have to. Some people think it is nerdy and uncool and boring to read hooks for fun. on the other hand, others acctually do read for fun. I personally generally don't like reading, like 90% of books i would not read for fun.
Son/daughter: "Fuck! I have to read this fucking book for Class!"

Parent: "I thought you like reading! Reading is fun!"

Son/Daughter: "No books are fucking boring and stupid and lame! I don't like reading!"
by Chillice July 26, 2015
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1.) A place to call and place wagers on sporting events.
Abbreviation for Bookmaker.
Tony Lo, call the book, the Yankees are a lock tonight.
by Bids April 14, 2008
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Instead of saying. Hi. You now say sup mother fuckers. Book help us.
by Crapthatfunny June 18, 2017
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