Conservative Christian group.Believes separation from 'the world'(everyday society)Many types Ex.Conservative.Old Order.Liberal.Family orriented.More than 4 children.Known for homesyle cooking/baking. Base of "Mennonite" faith,God sent his son to die n save EVERYONE.Regardless who/what they are.Believe women should cover head in respect of God/Man's authority.(1st Corinthians 11:5) Believe women not cut hair.(1st Corinthians 11:6,15) (Following statements NOT to down people who do/have done/doing these things.If offensive I'm EXTREMELY sorry.Defining beliefs only)Believe separation from"the world"because of sin they see. before marrage,divorce,re-marriage,porn,scantily clad women,music emphasis on Satanic ,sex,hate,killing etc,cheating on spouses,homosexuality,transgenders,profanity.etc.Believe ALL 10 Commandments,base of previously stated. Discorage war,killing,abortion.Believe"Non-resistance".Peaceful,not easily angered/violent.Believe dressing 'modestly'. Women-Mid calf/knee/ankle lenth dresses,in liberal branches skirts,shirts, jeans.Men-wear jeans, button up long/short sleeve shirts or T-shirts.Not everyone is perfect.Not Every Mennonite is a example of "Mennonite Beliefs".Some give Mennonites bad reps.Don't fit previous descriptons.Some are called "Mennonite" but thier church dropped belief statements and retained name. As before this is for definition,not who is right vs who is wrong. (I grew up Mennonite.They're not perfect.Who is?)
The majority of Mennonites are found in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia. The Amish split from the Mennonites in the 1600s. Mennonite and Amish are often confused as being the same.
by Fightergurl18 March 14, 2015
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A protestant faith. Major tenants of their beliefs consist of pacifism, believer's baptism, and a penchant towards social justice and equality. Loose translation; the guys cry alot and are copious pussy eaters, and the girls are dikey, earthy and typically progressive. Damn good people. Fascinated with lame board games and all around do gooding. Not to be confused with their terrorist cousins the Amish.
Delmar won't fight you because he is a mennonite.
by Joshua K May 8, 2006
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mennonite which is a person who is part of a religion that says they should be seperate from the world
Sally is a mennonite. She lives with her family up in the hills and they never see outsiders
by kasha January 19, 2005
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A Mennonite Necklace is the accumulation of perspiration that gathers around the collar of a t-shirt. It is important to note that a proper Mennonite Necklace is distinguished by the fact that the shirt has no other sweat stains apart from the collar area.
Iain: Look at Steve, he's a true Mennonite.
Mags: How do you know?
Iain: Look at his Mennonite Necklace... It's not even cold out.
by Vonbrownstein July 22, 2010
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a group of mennonites killing everybody and they will over power the government, and then the world
GEORGE W. BUSH, or just basically the shitty fucking government he is running, the mennonite mafia will destroy him and his damn government
by *ZAUBEREI* The Bone Collector November 15, 2006
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Any suburban basement where fundamentalist evangelical men meet for pure, unadulterated viking sex.
"Remember Robert, what happens at the Mennonite Storm Shelter stays at the Mennonite Storm Shelter."
by Relish Tiek April 1, 2023
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