The time proceeding partaking in a 4:20 ritual when enough time has passed to fully understand just how high you are.
"and then it hit me, I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30, and I was really high."
by Cretard February 23, 2014
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the time that you drink milk-shakes.
it is the time right after 4:20 so you can drink Milk-shakes also, 4/30 is national Milk-shake day.
-"hey rob what time is it"
-"oh, it's 4:30"
-"man! its milkshake time!"
by Sir Awesome-o October 23, 2010
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It means it's over now, it's time to go, or it just aint happenin!
If someone says lets go to the club and you know that the police has shut it down you may say to your friend nah, that spot is 4:30 fo sho!
by Lil One September 17, 2003
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1.Messed up, ugly, busted, looks bad, TORE UP
2. it's a wrap, or it's over, through with
Man, That girl is 4:30!
When I get finished beating yo ass, you gone be 4:30! originated in gulfport, mississippi
by ejh September 2, 2006
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the time cops change shifts
Jebus: excuse me officer is 4:20 a police code or the time you change shifts?
Officer: no we change shifts at 4:30, always have
by anarchy4:20 October 11, 2006
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Alcoholic beverage made of Vodka and Red Bull. Provides a nice buzz and you wil be up til sunrise.
Let's order 4:30's at Joe's Bar and Grill and make the night last til breakfast.
by DrMarty January 11, 2015
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When 4:20 hits you so hard you gotta restart.
Damn m8 you might wanna 4:30 it up !!!!
by March 14, 2017
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