like when a dog doesn't fully bark it just goes boof
"Boof" -my dog
by imacat2 March 09, 2017
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Usually means to shove drugs up your ass for a longer trip, can be used to describe bad quality drugs, or smoking/popping weed/pills.
Jane: "What was you doing last night?"
John: "I boofed a fat blunt, what about you?"
Jane: "Oh shit! I was outta boof some codeine pills but the quality was boof as fuck"
John: "I feel you!"
via giphy
by Offset from Migos May 29, 2018
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Another term for having sex, often suggesting anal.
I'm tryina boof tonight.

I totally wanna boof her in the boofhole.
by Brobi wan Kenobi March 08, 2014
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a really wet fart. It's like a power fart were you shit yourself a little bit.
"oh man, I just boofed really bad"

"boof, aw man, change your boxers if it's that bad."
by northendwhitetrash March 23, 2007
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1. short for buttfuck (and less vulgar)

2. anything goofy, messed up, or otherwise out of the ordinary
butt+fuck = buf = boof
I boofed my 9-iron and hit my foot instead of the ball.
by easy i August 10, 2006
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a toxic stench excreted from one's asshole
Emily has the nastiest smelling boof out of all of us
by Miss Mann July 10, 2008
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Boof is a technical term in the sport of whitewater kayaking. What it mean is to use a rock (called a boof rock)to launch your boat flatly of of a small waterfall. This way a kayak lands beyond the hydraulic off of the bottom of the waterfall or avoids rocks that they would otherwise land on. Boof strokes refer to the stroke someone takes when making a boof move.
He totally missed the boof line and got pretty banged up.

To boof gorilla falls, hit the little rock three feet from the left wall.
by lauristan September 22, 2005
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