Slang for meth. Used to describe crystal meth in the 785 area code. Originated from the descriptive feeling one got when smoking or shooting meth during the 2000's. When users repeated blurted out "boof" after large hits and where asked why , they answered "everytime i hit your shit my head goes boof" and slowly dealers throughout the 785 coined "boof" slang for its crystal meth, ice, tina, twack, etc.
Wheres the Boof? / Got Boof? / Lets get an 8ball of that fire boof. / They've been up for days, acting like zombies, smoking Boof and shooting Boof up. / Im so boofed out I can't quit staring at the cameras.
by TellyMade July 26, 2012
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Something of low quality, something very unappealing, or a situation that isn't very fair.
a. "This video game I just bought is so boof, dude."

b. "I would go to that concert, but it looks like it's going to be pretty boof."

c. "My whole day has been boof."
by FRZYKA1 February 29, 2012
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Inexplicably, what most white people think Beyoncé is saying in her song, Countdown
"Me and my boof and my boof boof riding"
by antlerz March 30, 2012
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a whitewater kayak or canoe move that involves lifting the bow of the boat to get over an obstacle.
The word is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of the boat hitting the water when the move is performed correctly. The boat lands flat on it's hull, making the "boof" sound.
That drop is shallow, so you want to boof it to avoid hitting bottom.

The best line is to boof that rock so you don't get stuck in the flow going the other way towards that nasty bit.
by dragorossi February 25, 2011
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The act of stuffing contraband up one's poop chute in order to avoid detection from prison guards
Tyrone had to boof his weed so the hacks in tha jail wouldn't find it.
by Eziekiel Calhoun December 05, 2015
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