by poyoride February 9, 2017
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What dogs do in the posher areas of Dublin.
by jimthesheep March 30, 2011
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To Bork is to break in almost any way. can be used to completely replace "break" esp. pertains to rendering software done (aka borked, broken) or completely unusable, similar to bricking as well...
"Ryan borked his Renegade installation" "Ryan is borken, hes been thinking too much" "Jeremy borked his psp" "BORK BORK BORK BORK" "please dont bork it!"
by Charging Mooses August 5, 2009
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A noise that a clumsy or idiotic-looking dog makes instead of "bark"
"Primed and ready to bork"

"BOORK" "woah you gave me a frighten
by Galaxy.boy May 17, 2016
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1.) A corruption of the Swedish word for
'away'; used by the Swedish Chef when
he throws objects into the air. (Adj.)

2.) The corruption of english language to
sound as if the Swedish Chef was
saying it. (N.)

3.) To change regular writing or speech
into "Borked" language or speech. (V.)
1.) "Bork, Bork, Bork!" (throws away ladle)

2.) original:
"Welcome to Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
2,602,815 articles in English"
"Borked" Text:
"Velcume-a tu Veekipedia,
zee free-a eecyclupedeea thet unyune-a cun ideet.
2,602,815 erticles in Ingleesh"

by thewolvesarewatching October 27, 2008
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When it's not quite beef....not quite pork. A delicacy from Cornish meat vans. Bork foot stew being a popular choice among locals.
"Who needs maccys when the meat vans open stacked with bork". " Not going shops I got Bork knee sandwiches for lunch today".
by M7-9 April 27, 2020
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Alternative term used for retching,
Nearly puking in your mouth but swallowing it back.
you make me want to bork you ugly hoe

i was borkin all morning after that night out
by Five_head December 24, 2009
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