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The holy four is a group of gaming YouTubers, considered to be the best.
DanTDM, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, And PewDiePie.
According to others, there are more than four, including Ninja, Dream, KSI, Mr. Beast, PopularMMOs, PrestonPlays, LazarBeam, and TechnoBlade.
The holy four are the best gaming YouTubers in the world.
by ESBirdnerd January 3, 2021
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Something cute, small, crazy, smart, weird, good looking, and funny.
My dog is a spoo, and so is my girlfriend.
by ESBirdnerd January 3, 2021
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Best youtuber ever! Plays minecraft and among us!

Search Spooyan on youtube to see for yourself!
Them: What you watching there
Me: The best youtuber ever!
Them: Pewdiepie?
Me: No, Spooyan.
by ESBirdnerd November 17, 2020
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"Subscribe to Spoo, or turn into poo."
Spooyan on youtube
by ESBirdnerd November 22, 2020
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On paper, it's a website where teens talk
In reality it's a bunch of horny people and sex bots.
We love AlloTalk
by ESBirdnerd March 18, 2021
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Top ten amogus youtubers who have sworn 😳
by ESBirdnerd December 1, 2021
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McDonalds- Crappy burgers, good shakes, and amazing fries.
Burger King- Amazing burgers, good shakes, crappy fries.
Wendy’s- Crappy Burgers, Crappy Shakes, Crappy fries
by ESBirdnerd December 5, 2020
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