To spend time (excessively) in bars, out partying or in other inappropriate settings away from home.
All these youngsters do is run the streets.
by CharliB1212 January 25, 2017
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Having had taken ownership of a particular area of a neighborhood or city by force or threat of harm. Especially when said ownership leads to an affluent lifestyle of partying.
by Richard Noggin IV August 9, 2020
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to get really drunk with a bunch of friends and go on drunk adventures.
1) to other parties
2) to find food
3) to get laid
4) to steal stuff from other peoples houses (food)
goal: to have really funny stories and pictures to share the next day
1) the girls of Gamma Nu Digamma ran the streets last night

2) " man, when i was running the streets last night, i broke into someones dorm room and stole a plate of cheese, kilbasa, and some townhouse chrackers"~ true story
by gamma nu girl April 23, 2010
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(1) To go out and sleep around, usually for money.

(2)To whore oneself out.
by Nancie August 8, 2007
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To have confidence in driving and owning it.
"Hey Bobby, wanna go for a ride?"
"No thanks man. I already run these streets."
by headshot94 June 24, 2014
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