To be high as fuck from smoking marijuana, weed, or/and that loud... etc.
After smoking a few blunts of that good good, I feel well medicated.
by MistahRigoh October 3, 2016
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To feel good no matter what kind of drug you are on. usually prescription drugs.
Ahhhhhh! man i feel nice and medicated.
by empower February 9, 2010
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A phrase far too overused by people who play Team Fortress 2. They spam it when they do not need to be healed because they are either:

-trying to get the medic away from healing a person they do not like
-a spy looking for achievements or a free backstab
-plainly an asshole
-a suicide player who wants a spawn that lasts longer than 30 seconds.

This can lead to people muting everyone on their team, turning off their speakers, quitting, or just switching classes. These can lead to miscommunications and no healer classes on the team.

Thus, those who spam MEDIC!! are really just trying to get themselves killed.
You pick a Medic class, not knowing what's about to happen.

Spy disguised as a Sniper: MEDIC!! MEDIC!! MEDIC!!

Heavy: MEDIC!!


Another Medic: MEDIC!! MEDIC!!

You: ...I don't want to play this game anymore...
by Fist of Romulus November 9, 2011
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The healing class from the popular hat simulator known as Tf2
The medic class is known for having the ability to give unlimited healing to an ally (Or disguised enemy spy)

The medic also has the ability to do an “Ubercharge” Which depending on the medi-gun used will either render the both the medic and the target with invulnerability, Crits, Extreme healing speed+ no push back, mostly immunity from a certain damage type
Scout with 117/125 hp: * Steals health pack *
Burning medic with 7/150 hp: I wish to do a procedure on your brain right now just to see how much asshole there is
by UndeadRed “local idiot” August 18, 2019
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Anything that is related to medical stuff. Ex. Medicine, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, etc.
When we give money to third world countries, they will use it for water, food, shelter, and medicalness.
by Cookies and Potatoes May 28, 2019
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Scout: MEDIC!
Medic: ...
I honestly don't know what to put here
by Asarian August 25, 2019
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A class in the game TF2 that is deemed defenseless and only purpose is to heal the team's heavy.

This is not true..

For one, it caught at close range of a medic, one might try to attack...
Ending up getting there ass handed to them by a HEALER CLASS. You should NEVER mele a medic, they are surprisingly strong at close range.

They also heal more than just the heavy unless they are a pocket medic witch will stay with they're heavy or other class that they are pocketing.

There is also the dredded...
Battle medic.
These medics fall into one of two catagorys, The:
- I'm pissed at my team and need to let out my inner demons on the other teams medic for a minute before I just rage quit.
Or the
- Fuck you I can do what I want, I don't care if you need a healer O can play as the medic how I want to.... Uh... *insert something really inaproprite here, thanks for that *insert edgy username here* *

There is also the ability to "übercharge" a player on the same team (or a spy on the other team). It is normaly used on the teams heavy, although there are some other classes that can also be extremely use full when übercharged like the solider, scout(if achuly willing to cooperate) and the demo If they know how to use the charge to its fullest potential. I'm not saying that only these classed are useful when charged, but are the most common for a beginner.

As the last thing i will say...

Please for the love of god stop spaming your E key.

Thank you.
Medic! : what you yell when you want to get healed in battle or piss off your medic, resulting in them leaving

"Wow, That Medic really seems to hate us"
"I know, he refuses to heal us"

"Dok, com'on man!" -scout
"MEEEEEEDIIIIIIC" -litterly everyone
"Come with me doctor" -spy
"Help me, hirr doctor" -medic No.2
by KarmalZeDummkopf October 10, 2018
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