Multicultural surrounding where all the different cultures slowly become more uniformal generation after generation by adopting bits and pieces of other cultures and giving away some of their own traditions.
by Swicca March 1, 2005
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a gay establishment where men are typically coerced to take their significant other(s.
I could have went to a five star restaurant a got a fat steak, but i went to the melting pot and had to cook my own food.
by rhinohead October 24, 2006
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An act where several guys take a shit in a toilet, mix it around into a slurry, and have a whore eat it out of the bowl.
Why have dinner when you can instead share a melting pot with your closest friends?
by adtng February 21, 2016
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A term used by radio-host "Ghost" on the True Capitalist Radio when called a racist on his show.
by KLP507 June 25, 2011
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a woman who has had sex with multiple men of different races and colors. (Coined from divers melting pot america)
That girl has slept with Mexicans, black guys, and white guys. She must have a melting pot pussy
by Jaeded May 12, 2017
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When Asian, White, Black, and Hispanic dicks are all put in ones mouth at the same time.
Trey did a San Fransisco Melting Pot at Andrews last night.
by Marcas Buster March 23, 2015
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When you ejaculate in the eye socket of someone (male or female) who has removed their glass eye (or has no eye)
Man, I gave this guy the biggest Ugandan Melting Pot last night, he loved it!
by Queef hunter November 8, 2018
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