Unable to be damaged or broken unless certain circumstances arise. He is invulnerable to insults because he his deaf. See invincible.

Antonyms: vulnerable mortal breakable soft flimsy breakable
Synonyms In-penetrable, fortified, unbreakable. Tough.
The flashing star in super mario world will temporarily make you invulnerable to attack.
by kyle.biddle November 30, 2010
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Not vulnerable; not able to be damaged or harmed
I am emotionally invulnerable. Also Shal is dumb
by ajballing August 10, 2023
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Theres a difference between somebody thinking they're invulnerable, and knowing that they're not invulnerable, and that they can get sick, get hurt, or get dead, and still keep going/enduring anyway.
People thought the guy thought he was invulnerable when in reality he didnt let being human and mortal like everyone else keep him from finishing what he started.
by Solid Mantis June 1, 2020
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