Word used primarily in Ireland. Has various meanings from derogatory term for a person to feeling tired or lethargic and also for something being broken.
"He's a stupid bollix".
"I went to the gym after work today and I'm bollixed".
"Someone drove over my bike last week and the front wheel is bollixed".
by Ramirez Shabadoo May 12, 2010
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A greeting embellishment (friendly)
A derogatory description of a person
Of or relating to the gonads of a male
A statement of falsehood
A negation of a proposition

Greeting: Maher, ya auld bollix, how are ya?
Derogatory description: He's a useless bollix, that Maher
by John Savage June 5, 2003
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Irish slang for a person who is insanely annoying (non-slang uses include but are not limited to cunt,fag and douche). Mainly used by rural Irish teenagers and/or farmers.
Farmer 1: Didja hear about Benny, the one who died?
Farmer 2: Ah sure I did, but he was a bollix himself. Couldn't have cared less.
by TwiTails April 5, 2014
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Literally, "fucker" .
Taken from the movie "The Comittments"
Joey: I'm Joey -The Lips- Fagan.
Jimmy: An' I'm Jimmy -The Bollix- Rabitte
by jhp February 8, 2005
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Alternative (eg internet) spelling of bollocks, as used by Gav Bell.
On msn: "bollix left me fukin mobile at uni"
by oracle March 13, 2004
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A bollix is a synonym for 'mess up' but in urban dictionary context it means a girl who has had a good and close relationship with a guy but has completely fucked it up by doing some stupid shit. To be called a bollix is an insult.
I cant believe Sammy did that last night
I know, shes such a bollix
by teenxnames June 4, 2017
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(verb) mess up, confuse, screw up, wreck; also spelled bollocks up and bollox up. Related to "balls-up", that is, upside-down. A spelling euphemism.
"Count on that doofus to bollix up the plan so we get out of here late."
by anarcissie May 2, 2008
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