n. a pretty girl with a big booty.

As referenced in the Ying Yang Twins' and PitBull songs.
If you don't know her name, call that chick bojangle!
by dmann August 23, 2006
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To procrastinate or do something very slowly, frequently to the point of annoyance with all parties involved. Originates in Manassas Park, VA.
Tony: "Goddamn it Andrew, you bojangled so much telling us that story about railing that 16-year old that the blunt went out in your hand."

Lance: "Yeah Mr. Bojangles, get your shit together!"

Andrew: "Hold on guys I was about to talk about when she grabbed my cock..."
by junglekrait February 01, 2009
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A Cajun-style restaurant found in the south-eastern united states. Known for their chicken and biscuits.
Commonly shortened to Bo-Jo' or Jangles.
Friend 1: Hey, you going to Bojangles' for lunch?
Friend 2: Yeah, Gonna get a Cajun fillet n' fries. You wanna come with?
Friend 1: Hell yeah, might get that too.
by P1R473 P3G45U5 February 04, 2019
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Bojangle is a reference to a testicle or testicles. Similar to, and used in the same context as "Gonad". Bonjangle plural becomes "Bojangles".
The chain slipped on my bike and I almost crushed my right bojangle...

That horse almost kicked me in the bojangles!
by Lyrical_Poet August 30, 2006
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The sound made by numerous beer bottles rolling around your car's floor.
Geez Jarrod,your car's got some serious bojangles happening there
by dodgymechanic March 26, 2014
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Verb. To have incredibly, raunchy, dirty sex with someone.
frank_skeets01: d00d wish u were at party i totally bojangled that b!tch
BobTheBuilder86345: Laol... That's awkward. Score?
by Ayumi/Jesus/14 and Mervin March 28, 2010
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1. to chill on the blunt instead of passing it.

2. to do nothing
1. He's bojangling on that J. I think he hit it like 6 times already.

2. You bojangle around your house instead of going out and partying.
by Nice Place, Nigga June 07, 2005
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