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Small eggs pickled in a spicy brine. Sold at roadside stands. As seen on Viva La Bam.
Ahrr they cut off ded pples balls n pikl em! -Don Vito, Viva la bam

*note* this has to be added again because some jerkoff got the one iI entered before deleted. Of course, the one with 17 thumbs ups gets deleted, and the one with 57 down stays */note*
by Utz89 January 08, 2005

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A place where you can get good fried chicken and iced tea that's 99% sugar. They're usually found in the south, but there are a few up north. Mmmmm it's good.
Even northerners like me appreciate the delicacy that is Bojangles'
by Utz89 March 03, 2005

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A very excellent band from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, who arent afraid to be non-PC while singing about strippers and pr0n stars and such. There really is more to them, and those who have only heard "Bad Touch" are missing out on a lot of great music. Oh well, more for me.
Well I find it quite a thrill
When she grinds me against her will
A lapdance is so much better when the stripper is cryin'
-BloodHound Gang, Lapdance Song
by Utz89 November 08, 2004

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BBS is an acronym for Bulletin Board System, which were old timey computer networks. Each was privately owned, and you would dial in to connect. Once there you could share text files/warez/pics, or talk about random stuff with other people. The first one went up in 1978, and they reached their peak in 1996 with over 5000 systems in the USA alone. They were essentially killed off by the Internet. Today, there's about 75 free dial-up BBS's left in the USA. There are hundreds of Telnet-only ones, however they have a tendency to suck.
textfiles.com is full of old BBS files.
by Utz89 July 10, 2005

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Insane guy from Guns n Roses. Was pretty good at doing what he did, and mostly keeps to himself nowadays.

Get over it, people. Maybe he wants a break. He's still the shit though. Who else records himself screwing a random chick and then plays it in the background of a song? Only Axl.
Listen to Rocket Queen on Appetite For Destruction and you'll know what I mean.
by Utz89 December 21, 2004

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1. Someone who doesnt belong, and as such is most often seen by themselves or with a friend or two at most.

2. Me
1. There's almost no outcasts at my high school; they're all rich Republicans and buy their friends.

2. I am an outcast and I don't care what you think.
by Utz89 November 12, 2004

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Simply put, it's an operating system that you can download (legally.) I's most commonly used by experienced computer users because it doesn't hold your hand as much as Windows does. It also requires emulators to run Windows programs. The source code for the kernel is available somewhere. The kernel was written in the early 90s by one Linus Torvalds in Finland, and is released under a "General Public License."
How's that? No airline suff, just the real definition.
by Utz89 June 27, 2005

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