When you hear this word, know that it is a word of challange for dominance in a social circle. It is the initiation word for a bout of roasting.
Oh my, it seems as if Brian is about to roast a fool."
by Mr Jag July 11, 2016
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boi is the term used when someone says something that dosen't make sense or it is often used during an insult or just to sound like the ultimate asshole gangster...
guy.1 pineapples are pineapples because they're pineapples

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by Ercole123 November 15, 2019
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1. in the lesbian community, a young transgendered/androgynous/masculine person who is biologically female and presents themselves in a young, boyish way; a boidyke; often also identifies as genderqueer.

2. in the gay community, a young gay man;

3. in the BDSM community, someone who presents themselves in a young, boyish way and is usually a bottom/submissive;

4. an alternate spelling of boy often used by young teenage boys.
1. J doesn't feel like s/he fits the mold of any one gender. S/he presents hirself in a young, boyish manner, and hir appearance in quite androgynous/masculine. S/he's a boi.

2. J is a young, masculine gay male who presents himself in a boyish manner. He's a boi.

3. Daddy's boi and/or Mommy's boi.

4. My teenage brother and his friends often refer to themselves as "skater bois"
by Nik June 04, 2004
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Originally founded in 2016, the BOIS are a group a highly intelligent, motivated, steal your girl operators. They are an international response team coming to the aid of all fellow BOIS. Most of the members of the BOIS are based out of Clayton, North Carolina. In order to become a member of the BOIS you must be hung as fuck, extremely good looking, rowdy, and you must be able to uphold a standard of dankness. The female counter part of the BOIS are the GOIS who have different but just as challenging requirements to be a member of.
"The BOIS are back in town this weekend."
by Touc38 September 24, 2018
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Boi is a response for wearing fake shoes or clothes, to answer something trendy and to answer a fail.
Sean:*wearing fake jordans* Wassup Nick
Nick:*stares at the fake jordans*Boi...
Sean:it's real man!

Jake:*comes towards them wearing wet pants and a fake lakers t-shirt*Wassup homies how you doing?
Sean and Nick:BOI!
by Ca$h money! December 14, 2016
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