n. (also v.): 1. Deliberately sending mixed messages about ones sex, usually through ones dress (e.g., wearing a skirt and a beard).

It is based upon the belief/idea that either gender does not exist (but only in the context of culture) or that there are multipule genders (beyond male and female), including but not limited to transgender.

It is giving a statement of freedom for all genders in a society where gender confines people. It does not mean that a guy wearing a dress is gay... He is just genderfucking; gender, sex, and sexuality are separate characteristics.

Although usually viewed as a new phenomenon, genderfuck may be as old as humankind. Notable premodern examples include the witches in Macbeth, who would have been played by men with beards in cross-dress.
1: "Why is does that boy have long hair and a skirt?"
2: "He genderfucks." or "He's a genderfucker" or "He's genderfucking."
1: "So, then, he's gay?"
2: "No, He's an ally."


"I dress genderfuck."
"I am genderfuck."
by Michelle April 27, 2003
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deliberately sending mixed messages about ones sex, usually through one's dress
i dress genderfuck.
by lilbastrd1000 March 14, 2020
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the theory that there are more genders than two; there are more genders than displayed on the binary gender system, including neutral. gender is more of a spectrum than a definite thing.
1. he is genderfuck
2. I genderfuck

also see genderqueer
by Kaden November 15, 2003
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Not conforming to the gender binary; presenting or identifying as something other than a guy or a girl. May be used to describe androgyny. This term is used in the transgender community, though not everyone who refers to themselves as "genderfucked" also identifies as transgender, and vice-verse. The word is very seldom used in a derogatory sense, and genderfucked individuals usually describe themselves as such.
"I'm so genderfucked. I picked the name Morgan because it can be a guy's or a girl's name."

by Cap'n Morgan September 8, 2006
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a person who conciously defies the arbitrary constructs of socialized gender.
I come from a family of genderfuckers. I am usually androgenously dressed but my brother wears eyeliner and lipstick and is often read as a woman. He loves to knit and play basketball while I am much more of a cooking and car maintenence kinda kid. Dad does the laundry and has a candlemaking business from home and Mum is a CEO so she travels a lot.
by violet February 20, 2004
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“I’m genderflux and use the pronoun ZE
“Dawg? Fuck is genderfuck?”
by ChiefKeefsDraco May 13, 2021
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