A meme featuring a frog on a unicycle. Followed up by "oh shit, waddup!"
by doggo42 May 11, 2016
Internet meme originating on 4chan and widespread on iFunny, tumblr, and reddit. It's a picture of a frog on a unicycle with the caption: "here comes dat boi!", followed by, "oh shit waddup!"
self-proclaimed meme lord #1: here comes dat boi!

self-proclaimed meme lord #2: oh shit waddup!
by dopeswipepro May 11, 2016
A meme featuring a frog riding a unicycle. Typically features some variation on "here comes dat boi" followed by "o shit waddup!"
person 1:"Look here comes dat boi."
person 2: "o shit waddup!"
by a well dressed cat May 2, 2016