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The practice of an unconventional way of living. People who practice bohemianism (bohemians) often form groups that share similar opinions and mindsets. In the classical sense bohemianism was often about music, art or literary pursuits. However, the modern sense of the word includes those who break societal rules. People classified as bohemians today are often not true bohemians, rather they are people who enjoy risque behaviours and a loose lifestyle that often includes illegal drugs, excessive alcohol and unprotected sex.
Bohemianism is so overrate now a days, is just drugs and dirty sex. There's no romanticism.
by MegIsm May 05, 2010
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What a crude motherfucker that partys all night would be expected to practice. The Bohemian typically drinks large amounts of cheap assed beer all night while looking for cavewomen to Donkey Punch. Usally the Bohemians run together and have partys with other Bohimians because nobody else can stand them.
Guy: Hey dude that guy from work came in this morning and looked like shit.
GuyII: Yeah I heard that there was some bohemianism going on at his house last night.
by 07_123 September 12, 2009
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Someone who enjoys mixed art, music, and fashion. If they want change in the world they make it themselves. That change never has to be big, it can be as small as swaying someone's views on a political problem or completely changing the fashion style that your peers wear based on the trends that you set. They choose feelings over facts and strive and embrace the love around them and share it with others.
someone tole me I was the definition of Bohemianism today.
by barefoot girl June 06, 2018
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